Elena Parina joins the SCF editing team!


We are delighted to announce that Elena Parina is joining the Studia Celtica Fennica editorial team! Dr Elena Parina is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Comparative Linguistics and Celtic Studies (FB10) of the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Her main interests are Welsh literature and language, above all translations into Middle and Early Modern Welsh. Together with Prof. Erich Poppe she leads a DFG-project "Early Modern Cultures of Translation in Wales: Innovations and Continuities“ https://www.spp2130.de/index.../en/translating-into-welshii/ within SPP 2130 "Early Modern Translation Cultures“. From 1st October, Elena will be Professor of Celtic Studies at the University of Bonn.

We'd like to thank Dr Silva Nurmio for all her years of hard work on this journal, and to wish her the absolute very best of luck with her new Academy of Finland project, "Make it Count: New Advances in Understanding Grammatical Number."