Call for reviews of digital projects


We would like to welcome reviews of a new kind to Studia Celtica Fennica. Digital projects are having an increasing significance in our research – both for the researcher who uses them on a daily basis as well as for grant applications. However, these projects, which cost substantial amounts of energy, expertise, time, and money to those who produce them, are almost invisible in journals and are thus much less visible in researchers' CVs. While there are certainly reasons for that lesser visibility, i.e. a potential instability of a digital project in contrast to the longevity of a published book, we assume that digital projects and people who produce them require more attention in form of reviews. As an open-access journal we see Studia Celtica Fennica as a suitable carrier of reviews for digital projects, since the journal’s medium allows for presenting online projects with their urls in a reader-friendly way. We therefore welcome reviews of recent digital projects in all the fields of Celtic Studies.