The Right Marginal Notes on Glaídemain and Gúdemain in TCD MS 1337


  • Kristen Mills University of Toronto


This article examines marginal notes glossing two entries (glaídemain and gúdemain) in a legal glossary in TCD MS 1337. The entries in the glossary and the glosses in the upper margin connect these terms to a range of natural and supernatural beings (wolves, women of the síde, morrígna, infernal demons, demons of the air, scaldcrows, and foxes). The glosses in the right margin etymologize the lemmata as referring to the doubling of howls or voices. It is argued here that this may refer to the phenomenon of the echo; furthermore, it is proposed that this interpretation may relate to a recurring image in the Táin Bó Cúalnge, wherein supernatural beings screech in reply to Cú Chulainn’s shouts or the sounds of battle. Finally, the association between echoes and the voices of demons in a pseudepigraphic text and the Vita Antonii is discussed briefly.