Tampereen Teknillinen Seura 125 vuotta.



A group of engineers and architects established a technical society in Tampere 128 years ago in 1893. In 2018, Tampere Technical Society turned 125 years. To celebrate its accomplishments and longevity, the Society published a book called Tekniikkaa hyvässä Seurassa. The Finnish title translates roughly ‘about technology in good company’. The volume is a result of an extensive research project funded by the Society. The project aimed at studying the intertwined histories of the City of Tampere, the Society, and its members from the early 1890s until the 2010s. This article introduces the Society and summarises its historical developments in English based on the book.

kesä 25, 2021


Paju, P. (2021). Tampereen Teknillinen Seura 125 vuotta . Tekniikan Waiheita, 39(2). https://doi.org/10.33355/tw.109427