Arthur H. Borgströms Mönstermejeri


  • Yngve Malmén


Arthur H. Borgström’s model dairy

Exporter of butter Arthur H. Borgström carried on dairy business during 1891-1904 on Hangöudd (Hankoniemi). The interesting feature with his dairy was that its primary aim was not to produce dairy products but to train staff from other dairies around Finland and in this way to improve the quality of exported butter. The dairy was equipped with the most modern machines and instruments which, at those times, were under intense development. Even though the dairy did not live long, it played an important role in ameliorating dairy processes. For instance, it promoted the idea that cream could be separated from milk already by the milk producers, and only the cream would be sent to dairies for butter production.
syys 1, 2007


Malmén, Y. (2007). Arthur H. Borgströms Mönstermejeri. Tekniikan Waiheita, 25(3), 16–31. Noudettu osoitteesta