Näsijärven laivayhtiöt ja linja-autoliikenteen nousu 1918-1939


  • Mikko Manka


Shipping companies of Lake Näsijärvi and the increase of coach services in 1918–1939

The article studies passenger ship traffic of the Lake Näsijärvi area in relation to the development of coach traffic during the period between the world wars. The focal point is on how the shipping companies tried to make the most of the vigorous growth of coach traffic in their own business. Between the two world wars the Finnish traffic and transportation system went through one of its most important transitions, as the services were shifted more and more on wheels. At the same time, the importance of traditional vehicles diminished, and, for instance, regular passenger traffic on several inland waterways ended altogether. However, the Second World War stopped the rapid development of road traffic and thus gave extra time for the inland water traffic.




Manka, M. (2008). Näsijärven laivayhtiöt ja linja-autoliikenteen nousu 1918-1939. Tekniikan Waiheita, 26(3), 5–12. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/tekniikanwaiheita/article/view/63889