Kadonnutta akustiikkaa etsimässä

Helsingin Nya Teaternin huoneakustiikan ennallistaminen


  • Mikko Kylliäinen
  • Joose Takala


In search of lost acoustics

In Helsinki, a new theatre building was completed in 1860. The building became known as Nya Teatern, ‘the New Theatre’, as it replaced the earlier wooden theatre building. The building was expected to become a stage for speech plays, opera and orchestral music. The theatre became the first Finnish building that was a topic of public discussion because of its acoustics. Already its building plans were criticized, and newspapers wrote critically about the completed building. The architect responsible for the design also participated in the discussion and explained the design principles of the building. Only three years after its inauguration, the theatre burnt down. Nowadays it is not possible to listen or measure its acoustics. However, the building plans still exist, which makes it possible to model the acoustics. The aim of this study was to compare the results of room acoustic modeling with the contemporary opinions on the theatre. On the basis of modeling, the acoustics were not especially suitable for opera and orchestral music, but generally suitable for speech plays. However, there were many seats where the audience could neither see nor hear. Two music samples based on the modeled acoustics are available online at www.ths.fi/auralisoinnit_TW-4-2013.htm




Kylliäinen, M., & Takala, J. (2013). Kadonnutta akustiikkaa etsimässä: Helsingin Nya Teaternin huoneakustiikan ennallistaminen. Tekniikan Waiheita, 31(4), 5–17. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/tekniikanwaiheita/article/view/64092