Miten suomen ja ruotsin opettajat käyttäisivät puheen automaattiseen arviointiin kehitettyä työkalua?

How would Finnish and Swedish teachers use a tool developed for automated L2 speaking assessment?


  • Anna von Zansen Helsingin yliopisto
  • Maikki Heijala Helsingin yliopisto


automaattinen arviointi, kielitaidon arviointi, suullinen kielitaito, automaattinen palaute


In this study, we interviewed four language teachers in order to investigate their perceptions of an automated tool developed for assessing Finnish and Swedish learners’ speech. We showed the first version of the Moodle plugin developed by the DigiTala research project to the teachers. In this version, after recording a speech sample, the system provides analytic and holistic feedback to the learner. The automated feedback was developed based on the rating criteria that human raters have used earlier in the project. The data consist of four semi-structured individual interviews conducted in Zoom. The interviews were transcribed and analysed using content analysis. We found that automated feedback has significant implication areas in language learning and teaching. Teachers found the feedback statements understandable and useful, even though they do not cover all dimensions relevant for the speaking construct. The results will benefit those working on automated assessment of oral language skills.