Ammatillisen kielitaidon arviointikokeilu terveydenhuollon alalla


  • Marja Seilonen
  • Minna Suni
  • Marita Härmälä
  • Reeta Neittaanmäki


This article presents some key findings of the language assessment experiment implemented in the project Health care Finnish: developing and assessing Finnish proficiency among health care professionals (2014−2015). The core data includes test performances (n=204) of 35 internationally educated health care professionals in the Finnish National Certificates of Language Proficiency (FNCLP) intermediate level test (B1−B2) and the adjacent professional language assessment module developed for research purposes. The integrated tasks of the latter were completed electronically, and the focus was on such domain-specific communicative functions as giving advice, providing information, requesting action and reporting. The informants’ test results were analyzed to figure out how the professional module completed the skill profiles obtained in the FNCLP, and what kind of challenges or added value the assessment of professional language skills might provide for the authorization processes in health sector. Additionally, the lived experiences of the participants were heard in the feedback interviews.