Korpusavusteinen diskurssintutkimus (CADS): analyysiesimerkki homouden ja heterouden digitaalisista diskursseista

  • Jarmo Jantunen Jyväskylän yliopisto


The article aims at combining two methodological approaches, namely corpus linguistics and discourse studies. Both of these approaches are present in corpus-assisted discourse studies (CADS) which makes use of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. First, an attempt is made to discuss the differences and similarities of these two traditions based on Leech’s (2000) listing. However, it turns out that this listing does not include all necessary viewpoints, and those are further discussed. In the empirical section of the paper, the Suomi24 corpus is analysed in order to provide an example of CADS. The analysis was carried out through collocation and discourse prosody analyses. The results reveal recurring discourses related to homosexuality and heterosexuality on the Suomi24 discussion forum. They support earlier observations on media and CADS studies on discourses on homosexuality and also reveal new discourse patterns, as well as shed new light on discourses on heterosexuality.

Avainsanat: korpusavusteinen diskurssintutkimus, pervokielitiede, kollokaatio, diskurssiprosodia, homoseksuaalisuus, heteroseksuaalisuus
joulu 14, 2018
Jantunen, J. (2018). Korpusavusteinen diskurssintutkimus (CADS): analyysiesimerkki homouden ja heterouden digitaalisista diskursseista. AFinLA-E: Soveltavan Kielitieteen Tutkimuksia, (11), 20-44. https://doi.org/10.30660/afinla.69259