Miten yksi keho muuttui moneksi

Eli mitä kielitieteilijä oppi musiikkitieteilijöiltä metaforista


  • Heli Tissari Tukholman yliopisto


intersubjektiivisuus, metafora, poikkitieteellisyys, tunne


This article discusses the enormous potential of interdisciplinary conversation. In this particular case, the conversation is between musicologists and a linguist, and concerns conceptual metaphors describing emotional experiences. While conceptual metaphor theory was formed through considering the embodied experience of individual human beings, recent research in musicology has focused on intersubjectivity, that is, group experiences and discussions. Albeit already familiar with intersubjectivity, linguists can certainly learn from musicologists. Another fruitful point of contact is to compare many cognitive linguists’ focus on emotions as forces that can make a person behave uncontrollably with musicologists’ preferred understanding of emotions as regulated in the moment. This brings us closer to our lived, everyday experiences. Such considerations may serve not only as a basis for interdisciplinary collaboration but also as an opportunity to envision new ways of conducting linguistic research.