S2-lukija tulkitsijana selkomukautetun kaunokirjallisuuden lukupiirissä


  • Mervi Kastari Jyväskylän yliopisto


lukeminen toisella kielellä, selkomukautettu kaunokirjallisuus, tulkinta, lukupiirit


This article discusses reading circles of adult Finnish as a second language (L2) readers. The books that were read and discussed in the circles were easy-to-read fiction. The study focuses on how the readers interpret what they read and what kind of support they need for their interpretations. The analysis utilizes the concept of scaffolding, used in socio-cultural learning theory. The readers’ reading stances vary from what is literally said in the text to creating their own interpretations of the hidden meanings of the text. The latter are not very common in the reading circles, although many participants express a wish to create and discuss interpretations too. The analysis shows that interpretations can emerge if the participants are scaffolded in the reading circle by the teacher and other readers. The study thus provides useful information for designing reading circles in adult language education.