Kieli ja taide

Lähtökohtia, menetelmiä ja tulevaisuuden suuntia


  • Sari Pöyhönen Jyväskylän yliopisto
  • Heli Paulasto Itä-Suomen yliopisto


taide, taideperustainen tutkimus, taiteelliset menetelmät


This article introduces the AFinLA-e thematic issue focusing on creative inquiry in applied linguistics. This is a relatively new field of research, but it is expanding fast. Our aim is therefore to give a brief general introduction into this transdisciplinary field – its trajectories, approaches, methods and future directions – and to describe the contributions that the articles in this issue make into the growing body of work. The articles display a variety of research topics and approaches, illustrative of the diversity of research in the field. Art adopts a number of different roles: context, medium, process, partner, or the outcome of a research project. The articles cover various art forms, such as music, literature, visual arts, social circus, dance and photography, as well as a number of approaches to language and communication.