Akateemisten työläisten kertomaa: viestintä, kielitaito ja kielitietoisuus asiantuntijatyössä


  • Johanna Vaattovaara


työelämälähtöisyys, viestintä, kielitaito, akateeminen työvoima


This article deals with a research project seeking for in-depth knowledge on language and communication needs in academic encounters. The article is based on 20 interviews with academics representing different specialist areas and fields of science. How do the interviewed professionals reflect on the language decree requirements after years of experience on communication skills needs in their academic careers? What kind of interaction and writing skills are primary, and how are the roles of different languages (English, domestic and others) represented in the data? On the basis of the qualitative content analysis of the interview data, the article presents some overall implications for the language education institutions, particularly the University Language Centres.