The study of objects has for a long time been an important connection between Finnish ethnologists, for example both for those employed by museums or by the departments of ethnology at universities. Recently, there have not been too many ethnologists working in this traditional field whereas, for example, gender has been one of the leading trends in cultural studies.

At its seminar of October 1998 at the University of Jyväskylä the Association of Finnish Ethnologists, Ethnos, connected the study of objects with the study of masculinity. Two papers - both of which represent the extremes of manliness - presented in that seminar are now published in this years volume of Ethnologia Fennica: Taina Kinnunen's article discusses bodybuilding and also how the bodybuilders way of life can even become like a religion. Jan Löfström points out features considered masculine which can on certain occasions be seen as typical parts of the gay uniform.

A third article makes the picture complete. ln his article on real uniforms, Juhani U.E. Lehtonen deals with the founding of the Finnish Army and the circumstances of the Civil War which took place in the year 1918.

Published: 1998-12-31


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