Käsiteanalyysi tuhoavasta johtamisesta


  • Minna Hoffrén
  • Sanna Laulainen
  • Anneli Hujala
  • Sari Rissanen


A concept analysis of Destructive
The article describes and analyses the concept
of destructive leadership by using the hybrid
model for concept analysis. The data of the
study includes scientific articles on destructive
leadership (n=32). The analysis of the articles
produces four specific attributes related to destructive leadership concept: 1) leader- centeredness, 2) process-like and recurrence of the
action, 3) cultural and situational tolerance, and
4) dysfunctions of the interaction. In addition,
an integrative theoretical definition of destructive leadership is presented as an outcome of the
concept analysis. This definition could be tested
and redefined by further studies with the help of
the empirical data.

marras 28, 2020