Hallinnan informaatioresilienssiä etsimässä – Tutkimusmatka käsitteen juurille


  • Aino Rantamäki Vaasan yliopisto
  • Harri Jalonen Vaasan yliopisto


Information resilience; Resilience; Governance; Concept analysis


Searching for the information resilient governance: A journey to the roots of the concept

Information resilience is an emerging concept in the field of social sciences. This article aims to grasp the essence of the concept by using concept analysis as a methodological approach. The purpose of this study was to find the characteristics, antecedents and consequences of information resilience and reflect the results against the findings of administrative studies. This study suggests that the dominant characteristics of information resilience are systemic nature, emergence through interaction and manifestation in uncertainty. The antecedents of the resilience, both preventing and promoting, are gatekeeping, social capital, societal institutions and foresight. Information resilience contributes to strengthening of agency and management of information-related risks.