Asiantuntijuuden käsite ja osa-alueet


  • Pia Heilmann Itä-Suomen yliopisto, UEF Business School


expertise, expert, specialist, leadership, knowledge, competence


Concept and components of expertise   Defining expertise is challenging because the  concept of expertise seems to be fuzzy and  inaccurate. The aim of this study is to define expertise more precisely and find the related  themes around it. The study focuses on different  concepts and relations around expertise. The  following questions are asked: Who is an  expert, what kind is expert work and expert organization? What kind is the interaction and cooperation of expert organization? How experts can be led? The qualitative data of this study was gathered in four Leadership and expertise work-courses (2014–2017) from 158 adult university students. The students were asked to give their reasons to different questions related to expertise. According to the findings, expertise includes nine key components: competence, skills, teaching, self-leadership, learning, networking,  innovation, problem solving and understanding the big picture.