Luottamus vaakalaudalla – tarkastelussa ylimmän kuntajohdon kompleksiset kriisit


  • Anni Kyösti Tampereen yliopisto
  • Henna Paananen Tampereen yliopisto
  • Jenni Airaksinen Tampereen yliopisto
  • Arto Haveri Tampereen yliopisto
  • Santeri Lajunen Tampereen yliopisto


municipalities, local leaders, complex crisis, confidence, latitude of managerial action


Confidence lost – when municipal management drifts into crisis

The aim of this article is to understand complex managerial crises in Finnish municipalities. What kind of elements and characteristics lie behind managerial crises? The phenomenon of municipal management crisis is theoretically framed by complex management environment  and interaction as well as latitude of managerial action. Our empirical qualitative data consist of 12 interviews (municipal managers and local political leaders). Narrative analysis is used as a research method. By combining different narratives, we constituted four type stories about leadership crises. Our findings strengthen previously identified reasons behind the crises and describe what reasons can be found behind of the narrowed latitude of managerial action. Our research reveals that the consequences of the crises are more widespread than assumed. The crises reflect the complexity of operational environment.