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Duaalijohtamisen erilaiset rationaliteetit kuntien palveluverkkopäätöksissä


  • Anni Kyösti Tampereen yliopisto


education and early education service network, decision-making theory, political decision-making, official decision preparation, document analysis


Different rationalities of decision-making – a dualistic perspective on municipalities’ service network decisions

The article examines the decisions made by the municipalities' education sector in relation to the service network of basic education and early childhood education. The topic is examined with the help of decision-making theory at the interface between the preparation by municipal officials and the decisions made by local politicians. The research data consists of the municipalities’ service network plans and decision documents.

The research findings show that municipalities look at service networks through local and national lenses. Municipalities make decisions about service network changes in the decision-making arena, which includes the preparatory work done by officials, which is typically based on a fact-based review. In addition to facts, local politicians’ point of view consists of different values and emotions.