Resilienssi työntekijän voimavarana asiantuntijatyön aikapaineiden hallinnassa

  • Tiina Saari


Resilience as employees’ resource
in the time pressures of expert work
The article focuses on resilience as employees’
resource to cope with the time pressure in expert work. Resilience has been characterized by
the flexible adaptation to the chancing demands
of stressful experiences and ability to learn from
them. The data includes 20 interviews of expert
workers from Finland. The findings of the article reveal that the resilient expert workers try to
see time pressure as a normal part of their work
and even find something positive out of it. They
are counting on their work skills and ability of
coping with the time pressure. They have also
formed several practical methods of managing
with the workload in a hurry. These include doing work way before deadlines to leave space for
urgent tasks and planning all tasks carefully, and
also training their ability to concentrate.

loka 2, 2020