Arvioinnin muutokset ja tulevaisuusnäkymät opetus- ja kasvatusalan arvioijien puhumina

  • Päivi Atjonen


Evaluation trends and its future perceived
by educational evaluators
This article focuses on evaluation trends and
its expected future perceived by experienced
educational evaluators. Altogether 15 evaluators (discretional sample) were interviewed
from the context of situational, thematic and
program evaluation. By means of close reading
the transcriptions on changes and future were
extracted from the total text data, ending up to
11 106 words. Main themes of trend statements
were qualitatively analysed and thematised as
follows: increased problems of increased evaluation, parallel trends of development and
accountability, emphasis on development and
processes, and perceived contextual chances
(resources, evaluation capacity, competition).
Expectations for the future resembled the main
previous trends preferring developmental use
of evaluation and evaluation’s increased role in
society (including polarisation of agencies and
fear for tightened accountability). Results indicate meaningful knowledge on evaluation in the
educational field.

loka 2, 2020