Päällekkäisjäsenyydet liikunnan ja urheilun organisaatioverkostossa

  • Kati Lehtonen
  • Kaarlo Laine
  • Hannu Itkonen


Interlocking directorates in sports
organization network
Focus in this article is on interlocking directorates in sports organization network. The aim
is to study the networks´ structure and how it
has changed during the time period 1993–2014.
The data consists of central organizations boards
and states sport policy working groups (n=121).
The data have been analysed in Ucinet-network
program. Results indicates that power-elite have
come narrow year by year, but there´s seven organization which have been in central position
in every decade. The conclusion is, that in the
sports organization network, there have been
at the same both momentariness and perfusion,
but the power-elite have been narrow and stable.

loka 2, 2020