Sustainable planning for space tourism


  • Annette Toivonen University of Lapland, Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI)


space tourism, sustainable development, planning


This article concentrates on planning and development for future space tourism. It focuses on environmentally oriented sustainable ways of operating and introduces a new framework for creating a feasible sustainable future. The framework can be used as a theoretical basis in research that introduces new perspectives into a sustainable future in space tourism. Weak sustainable development planning sets the needs of mankind above all other ecosystems and space tourism appears to fall into a category envisioning optimistically all natural resource problems to have a human-based solution. The oil consumption and intensity of tourist transport are, however, set to increase due to space tourism. This kind of development is at variance with the current sustainable trends and actions practised in the tourism industry. The article discusses the need for sustainability awareness for development in the space tourism sector by pointing out some necessary elements needed for future planning processes.





Toivonen, A. (2017). Sustainable planning for space tourism. Matkailututkimus, 13(1-2), 21–34. Noudettu osoitteesta