Asiantuntijaluokan uusi jako perussuomalaisten vaalivoittojen taustalla


  • Jukka Sivonen Turun yliopisto
  • Aki Koivula Turun yliopisto
  • Arttu Saarinen Turun yliopisto


Traditionally, Finnish politics have been governed by three major parties, Social Democratic Party
of Finland, Centre Party, and National Coalition Party, two of which have formed the government
with the help of smaller parties. However, this situation changed as the 2010s came when the Finns
Party first became third most popular party in the 2011 parliamentary elections, and in the 2015
elections it became the second largest party in number of MPs. The party’s rise has been seen to
be based on the vote of the working class, small entrepreneurs, and clerks. This study complements
the previous research by showing that the class of specialists is much divided in relation to the support
of the Finns Party by utilising recent waves of European Social Surveys. In addition, with the
aid of decomposition analysis, the study looks at how immigration attitudes mediate the likelihood
of different social classes to vote for the Finns Party.


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Sivonen, J., Koivula, A., & Saarinen, A. (2018). Asiantuntijaluokan uusi jako perussuomalaisten vaalivoittojen taustalla. Politiikka, 60(3), 192–207. Noudettu osoitteesta