Plant Steaming Concrete Staining


  • Bart Vandeput
  • Petri Berndtson


artistic research, installation art, interspecies dialogue, respiratory philosophy, air, chokeberry, Bachelard, Merleau-Ponty


Seed Scarification: Serious Taking is a light, seed, and sound installation. Few hours after the activation of the installation in an art venue, an unplanned kinetic event takes place that is marked by a sonic loud bang. At an instance creating a division in time: one segment that spans the moment before the event; the second one being the perceived change of the aftermath. A composed photo blends both moments into a fictitious here and now. This happening is discussed in this essay from a primarily experiential stance, focusing on air, atmosphere and being.

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Vandeput, B., & Berndtson, P. . (2022). Plant Steaming Concrete Staining. Research in Arts and Education, 2022(1), 66–74.