Wandering Tree. Along the Path of Acclimation


  • Agnes Meyer-Brandis
  • Ulla Taipale


Tree migration, climate change, peatland, art and science, climate, ecosystems, long-term research, wandering tree


Trees are “rooted”. Nevertheless, long-term scientific observations have proved that trees do migrate through landscapes and regions, very slowly and over decades to survive the impacts of climate change which advances faster than they do. The Wandering Tree project by artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis observes tree migration in different ecosystems, in Finland at Siikaneva peatland. The project creates narratives and raises questions of the effects of climate change on the ecosystems considered “naturally” unchangeable. This visual essay illustrates yet undiscovered stories of a tree. What happens in the peatland when we are not there? What stories will entangle with the new path of the pine?

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Meyer-Brandis , A., & Taipale, U. (2022). Wandering Tree. Along the Path of Acclimation. Research in Arts and Education, 2022(1), 4–12. https://doi.org/10.54916/rae.116994