63 windows: Generating Relationality Through Poetic and Metaphorical Engagement


  • Raisa Foster University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  • Terhi Törmä Independent scholar
  • Laura Hokkanen South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
  • Mnemo Zin Tampere University | Arizona State University


Collective biography, ethics of care, imagination, memory, metaphor, poetry, sound art


In this paper, an artist-researcher and scholars from the fields of cultural studies, theology, and educational and social sciences reflect on their artistic experiences to think about what kinds of affects, meanings, and responses emerge when engaging with the sound artwork 63 windows. The experiences are discussed particularly in relation to the metaphor of the window and weaved together with the perspectives of collective biography and memory work, the ethics of care, and the narrative and interpretation theories. On this basis, the paper suggests that relational ethics of care emerges in the continuous and puzzling process of attentive engagement with art: first (1) with imagination, then (2) experiencing belonging and distance, and finally (3) arriving at the understanding of mutual connectedness of life.

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Foster, R., Törmä, T., Hokkanen, L., & Zin, M. (2022). 63 windows: Generating Relationality Through Poetic and Metaphorical Engagement. Research in Arts and Education, 2022(2), 56–67. https://doi.org/10.54916/rae.122974