To the Other Side with Bees


  • Ulla Taipale University of Helsinki


honeybee, angels, companion species, immortality, parallel worlds


The mythical bee flies over and throughout human history, leaving traces of coexistence between insect and human cultures in numerous writings and artworks. Bees have been documented in multiple forms, evidencing the human fascination with their life. Today, people are facing the reality of semi-feral bees vanishing from their hives: the ever-living bee colonies featured in the literature of the past have gone extinct. The Other Side aural space is an artwork by Ulla Taipale that offers an opportunity to listen to a selection of literary excerpts associated with the honeybees' immortality and their ability to communicate across parallel worlds.

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Taipale, U. (2023). To the Other Side with Bees. Research in Arts and Education, 2023(2), 62–75.