Together to Know: In search for Equus Spiritual Experience


  • Mari Keski-Korsu Aalto University


interspecies, spiritual experience, mirror test for self-awareness, horse


Com Scire (2020) is a collaborative art project with horses. The project searches for interspecies spiritual experience and knowledge-production through interspecies spiritual technology represented by a horse-size mirror. This paper compiles observations and learnings from the process of creating Com Scire with horses in Toiska farm, Ilmajoki, Finland.  The research question evolves from asking what a horse sees in the mirror and can this be a spiritual experience for the horse? Com Scire is a part of a broader artistic research process that studies and develops interspecies, empathic, and performative rituals.

How to Cite

Keski-Korsu, M. (2023). Together to Know: In search for Equus Spiritual Experience. Research in Arts and Education, 2023(1), 18–24.