Worlding in an Insect Hotel


  • Kristiina Ljokkoi Aalto University


nonhuman agency, other-than-human agency, other-than-human animal builders, built environment, representation, multispecies urban demography, posthumanism, new materialism


In this article, I examine how humans invite insects into the human-based order and materialism. I begin by exploring insect hotels’ phenomenon, history, and aims. I then take a closer look at DIY guides and instructions on how to build an insect hotel. According to studies in urban ecology, the original goals of supporting biodiversity are poorly realized. Instead, I state that insect hotels can be seen as a practice of staying with the trouble. With this focus and with some works of art, complex questions of agency, representation, knowledge, power, government, and control can be examined.   

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Ljokkoi, K. (2023). Worlding in an Insect Hotel. Research in Arts and Education, 2023(1), 44–54.