Kuulustelukertomus selonteon näkökulmasta


  • Jutta Helenius Tampereen yliopisto


accounts, police records, police interviews, police interrogations


The present study focuses on accounts in police records. The aim is to investigate what kind of structure police records have, how accounts locate themselves in the overall structure of narrative, what kind of categories of accounts can be distinguished and what kind of factors can affect these categories. The idea of accounts is based on Garfinkel’s ethnomethodological studies of analyzing everyday activities and attempts to make them accountable. The results show that accounts locate themselves at the beginning of the overall structure of narrative. Futhermore, the results show that accounts in the police records can be classified into seven different categories. It will also be shown that the position of the person in the examination, the type of crime, the title of the crime and the nature of the single crime can affect the categories of the accounts.