Miten sana ja kuva vangitsevat huomiomme television haastattelu-uutisissa


  • Leena Immonen Helsingin yliopisto


introduction sentence, image, question, declaration


The reportage part in the interview news usually begins with an episode where the reporter reviews an event or a situation worth being brought up in the news. This reviewed episode usually ends when the reporter starts the interview. In this article, this particular sequence of news is called ‘the introduction sentence’. The introduction scene and the introduction sentence are needed to attract the attention of the viewers and to help them to analyse the content of the news. How do speech and image co-operate when creating meaning and catching the viewer’s attention? The purpose of this article is to study two modal types of sentences: questions and declarative sentences. The focus of the analysis is also on the image of the introduction scene in questions and declarations; the questions and declarations are accompanied with different images. The approach is that of social semiotics based on systemic-functional grammar and the grammar of visual design.