“Käytin englantia apuna sanojen kääntämiseen” – Lukiolaisten kielitietoisuuden tarkastelua pedagogisen kääntämisen keinoin


  • Merianna Luoma Turun yliopisto


language awareness, language learner, pedagogic translation


Language awareness is said to facilitate and enhance foreign language learning. Therefore learners should be guided to observe the characteristics and features of languages. Could translation play a valuable role in this process? This article examines language awareness of 33 upper secondary school students by means of translation. These learners translated a 139-word French text into their first language, Finnish, and then answered questions related to their translation experiences. The data are based on the results of a post-translation questionnaire and interviews conducted in five different groups in two upper secondary schools during 2011–2012. In their responses, language learners reflected, e.g., similarities and differences of the languages and described their language skills and learning. The findings reveal that the learners who had studied French less often also described their thoughts in a less detailed way compared to the learners with a stronger background in their French studies.