Weed flora in organically grown spring cereals in Finland


  • H. JALLI


The weed flora in organically grown spring cereals was investigated in southern and central Finland in 1997-1999 with the primary purpose of determining the species composition and the level of weed infestation. Altogether 165 fields were surveyed in the middle of the growing season. A total of 126 weed species were found, of which 42 exceeded the frequency level of 10%. The most frequent weed species were Chenopodium album, Stellaria media, Galeopsis spp. and Viola arvensis. Elymus repens was the most frequent grass species. The average density of weeds was 469 plants m-2 (median 395), and the air-dry biomass was 678 kg ha-1 (median 567) which accounted for 17% of the total biomass of the crop stand. Infestation by Chenopodium album and the perennial species Elymus repens, Cirsium arvense and Sonchus arvensis is of major concern. Weed control strategies should include direct control measures to overcome weed problems related to the conversion period from conventional to organic growing.


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Jan 3, 2001

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SALONEN, J., HYVÖNEN, T., & JALLI, H. (2001). Weed flora in organically grown spring cereals in Finland. Agricultural and Food Science, 10(3), 231–242. https://doi.org/10.23986/afsci.5689