Predictors for interest to change from conventional to organic horticultural production


  • Tiina E. A. Mattila Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
  • Juha M. Heikkinen Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
  • Anu M. Koivisto Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
  • Risto H. Rautiainen University of Nebraska Medical Center


organic farming, horticulture, agriculture, production


This study addressed factors influencing farmers’ decisions to switch from conventional to organic farming with special focus on outdoor horticulture production. A total of 343 horticulture producers responded to a survey conducted in 2014. The results indicate 12.1% of the farmers with conventional horticulture production were interested in converting to organic. Small farm size, horticulture being only a minor part of the enterprise, intermediate estimated yields, greater intent to grow new crops, hiring labor, having other income sources in addition to agriculture and participating in training courses emerged as significant predictors for the intention to switch to organic production in multivariable regression modeling. These results suggest potential to increase organic production could be found particularly among smaller part-time enterprises actively seeking new crops and knowledge.


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Mattila, T. E. A., Heikkinen, J. M., Koivisto, A. M., & Rautiainen, R. H. (2018). Predictors for interest to change from conventional to organic horticultural production. Agricultural and Food Science, 27(3), 217–226.
Received 2017-08-14
Accepted 2018-08-28
Published 2018-09-30