Pellon arvosta Liperin kunnassa vuosina 1956-1960

  • Viljo Ryynänen Helsingin yliopiston maanviljelystalouden laitos


The commune of Liperi is in East Finland, 0 45 km west of Joensuu. A railway and two heavily-trafficked roads run across the area. About 30 per cent of the total area is water. Field area accounts for 16 per cent of the total area. Many large lakes make the climate of the area, despite its northern location, relatively favourable for plant cultivation. The value of field was determined on the basis of sales and production costs estimates. The bases for the sales estimate are the prices paid in free transaction (not compulsory sale or transactions between relations). The investigation material comprised transactions on 7 farms and 11 unbuilt field areas. Table 1 shows some properties of the farms examined. The arable land and meadow areas are expressed in terms of tax-hectares. The tax-hectare is a unit employed in the tax assessment of agricultural land. It corresponds roughly to one hectare of medium quality field. The price of field in the total price of the farm was established by personal visits to the farms sold, and on the spot appraisal of the arable land, meadow, forest and the buildings. The selling price was divided by the appraised value of the holding, and the appraised value of arable land and meadow was multiplied by the quotient thus obtained. The result gave the price paid for arable land and meadow. The results for each item of the transaction are given in Table 2. The value of field including all buildings, farm buildings (excluding residential housing), and without buildings, calculated per tax-hectare, is shown in Table 3. The table also shows the sum paid for field areas without buildings. Calculated on the basis of production costs, the value of field in the area of Liperi commune was 157 000 marks/hectare. This figure is 10 000 marks/hectare more than the price paid in transactions involving unbuilt areas.


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Jan 1, 1962
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