Points to be considered in the establishment of long-term field trials


  • Yrjö Pessi Society of Peat Cultivation, Leteensuo, Finland


On the basis of the experience gained in the long-term field tests at the Experimental Station of Leteensuo, some of the factors have been examined which have to be taken into consideration when tests of this kind are established. It is noted that in the course of time the soil may become increasingly inhomogeneous, e.g. owing to sludge brought in by inundations, and owing to the wear of the peat on cultivated peat land. An initial shaping of the soil surface is essential in the case of cultivated peat lands because non-uniform settling of the soil may occur in the course of time in the test area. The soil surface of the different test members may also settle in different degrees, depending on the treatment involved in the test. Because of soil transportation from one test plot to another, caused by the tilling operations, the location and shape of the test plots are of significance in long-term tests intended to clarify questions associated with soil characteristics.


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Pessi, Y. (1964). Points to be considered in the establishment of long-term field trials. Agricultural and Food Science, 36(1), 51–55. https://doi.org/10.23986/afsci.71616