Fiktiiviset reseptit ja mahdottomat ateriat kirjallisen komiikan lajina

Matoherkkua, muovikeittoa, potentiaalista salaattia

  • Juri Joensuu Jyväskylän yliopisto
Avainsanat: receipes, food in literature, experimental literature, constraints, humour


Fictitious recipes, impossible meals: a subgenre of comical literature
The article looks into ctitious and imaginative food recipes and comical potentiality of such food related text types as listings of ingredients, foodstuffs, dishes, or portions. The focus is on imaginary, fantastic, and impossible meals and recipes: portions that could not be implemented in the real world. The recipe as a form is covered from genre-theoretical, narratological, poetic and procedural perspectives. The special point of reference is experimental literature and its interests in literary forms, rules, constraints, and procedures − the terms that could be used to define also culinary recipes as codes or scripts for cooking, just as poetic procedures can be thought of as recipes for texts. The humorous implementations found in literary texts vary from satire, logical paradoxes and conceptual incongruences to the use of powerful culinary combinations. All these speak to the reader’s personal taste, food recollections and notions of culinary categories.

heinä 3, 2017
Joensuu, J. (2017). Fiktiiviset reseptit ja mahdottomat ateriat kirjallisen komiikan lajina: Matoherkkua, muovikeittoa, potentiaalista salaattia. AVAIN - Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen Aikakauslehti, 2017(2), 5-24.