Matkailututkimus on monitieteinen matkailua, virkistystä ja vapaa-aikaa käsittelevä tiedelehti, jota on julkaistu vuodesta 2004 lähtien. Lehdessä julkaistaan suomen-, ruotsin- ja englanninkielisiä vertaisarvioituja artikkeleita ja katsausartikkeleita sekä vertaisarvioimattomia kirjoituksia puheenvuorot-, ajankohtaista- ja lektiot-osastoilla.

Lehti ilmestyy kaksi kertaa vuodessa ja on luettavissa heti sen ilmestyttyä.

The purpose of the second special issue of Finnish Journal of Tourism Research in 2019 is to slow down to reflect and discuss about the roles of tourism education and research in the current era where human actions are causing irreversible changes in the Earth systems – in the era of Anthropocene. In line with the conference in Katowice, the special issue calls attention to possibilities of cooperation and co-creation across disciplines and sectors. The theoretical ambition of the call is to gather around the idea of knowing-with. How can we, in the era of Anthropocene, aim to know with objects, things, animals, elements, and theories  both in our pedagogical efforts and through our research activities? We invite articles, research notes, reviews of books, exhibitions or films, stories of experiences and interviews and research notes that address, for example, following: Conceptualization of sustainability in the Anthropocene; Relational epistemologies, methodologies and pedagogies in tourism; Post-human and more-than-human pedagogies in tourism education; Post-human and more-than-human methodologies in tourism research and collaboration; Knowing-with through storytelling and creative writing; Climate change activism in tourism education and research; and Alternative approaches to human-nature relations in tourism. The special issue will be edited by Outi Rantala, Emily Höckert and Heli Ilola, University of Lapland.