On Care-fulness

Critical Creative Expressions of Care in a Feminist Theatre Research Project


  • Stacy Holman Jones Monash University
  • Daniel X Harris RMIT University
  • Alyson Campbell University of Melbourne/Victorian College of the Art
  • Misha Myers Deakin University
  • Peta Murray RMIT University
  • Mish Grigor Monash University
  • Ripley Stevens


critical artistic research, feminist queer and intersectional theory, theatre, care and activism


In early 2020, as the first of many COVID lockdowns began across Australia, a collective of feminist and queer performance scholars and artists embarked on the research project Staging Australian Women’s Lives: Theatre, Feminism and Socially Engaged Art. Our aim was to document contributions of womxn theatre makers, while conducting a feminist analysis of strategies used to deal with gender inequality and oppression, on stage and off. While pivoting to the digital and the virtual, we recognised a need to support womxn theatre makers whose lives and livelihoods are thrown into further precarity by the pandemic. This paper speaks to our commitment to bringing together critical theory, arts practices and everyday life in ethical forms and encounters that make visible, recognise and express care for one another and for the work.

How to Cite

Holman Jones, S., Harris, D. X., Campbell, A., Myers, M., Murray, P., Grigor, M., & Stevens, R. (2021). On Care-fulness: Critical Creative Expressions of Care in a Feminist Theatre Research Project. Research in Arts and Education, 2021(4), 259–282. https://doi.org/10.54916/rae.119524