Decolonizing Relaxed Performance: A Visual Translation of Vital Ecosystems


  • Kimberlee Collins University of Toronto
  • Chelsea Temple Jones Brock University
  • Carla Rice University of Guelph, Ontario


relaxed performance, decolonization, vital practices


This essay draws on the visual translations produced by artist Sonny Bean in response to the 2022 report, Relaxed Performance: Exploring University-based Training Across Fashion, Theatre and Choir. Relaxed performance (RP) is a wide-reaching movement toward accessibility in arts that challenges normative comportment in performance contexts and has evolved into a contemporary cross-sector vital practice rooted in disability justice. Through a selection of illustrations, Bean transforms human-centric data about RPs into a vital ecosystem that extends to the more-than-human world, denoting the complex interconnectedness of RP production in a settler colonial state.

How to Cite

Collins, K., Temple Jones, C., & Rice, C. (2022). Decolonizing Relaxed Performance: A Visual Translation of Vital Ecosystems. Research in Arts and Education, 2022(3), 58–64.