Response of winter oilseed rape to differentiated foliar fertilisation



mineral nutrients, yield seed, protein, crude fat, winter oilseed rape


This article presents results of a three-year field experiment laid out on medium textured soil, in north-eastern Poland. Winter oilseed rape was sprayed with foliar fertilisers AgravitaActive 48 (AA48) - NPK 8:8.7:16.6 and AgravitaActive70 (AA70) - NPK 10:22.7:6.6 at different phases of the crop’s vegetative growth (BBCH 14, BBCH 35). The impact of the fertilisers on the yield of seeds, straw, total protein, crude fat, and on the content of macro- and micronutrients in aerial parts (BBCH 20 and 89) and roots (BBCH 20) of oilseed rape was evaluated. Foliar nutrition of oilseed rape plants with AA48 and AA70 significantly increased the seed yield of oilseed rape. The best yield-stimulating effect was achieved after the application of AA48 in autumn. Fertilisation of oilseed rape in that season of the year caused an increase in seed yield by 430 kg ha-1. Each fertiliser contributed to a rise in the yield of protein and yield of crude fat but had no effect on the content of magnesium, copper, and zinc in seeds.


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Żarczyński, P., Sienkiewicz, S., Wierzbowska, J., & Krzebietke, S. J. (2021). Response of winter oilseed rape to differentiated foliar fertilisation. Agricultural and Food Science, 30(1), 36–42.
Received 2020-12-28
Accepted 2021-03-10
Published 2021-03-16