Influence of plant developmental stage on DNA yield and extractability in MON810 maize


  • Isabel Taverniers ILVO
  • Laurens De Meyer ILVO
  • Bart Van Droogenbroeck ILVO
  • Kathy Messens Ghent University
  • Marc De Loose ILVO


co-existence, adventitious presence, labeling threshold, MON810 maize, DNA density, DNA extractability, seed embryo, seed endosperm


The amount and extractability of DNA in different parts of MON810 GM hybrid was studied during different developmental stages. To quantify GM contents, an evaluation was performed of the effect of plant development stage on DNA density. To this end, the evolution of weights, absolute DNA yields, DNA densities and ratios of endosperm and embryo relative to total maize kernel were studied. Sampling at four stages during the growth shows an influence on relative GM quantification based on haploid genome equivalents, due to the specific maize seed composition and differences in DNA extractability from different seed tissues. During plant growth, plant parts with potential GM genes (embryo in kernel and cob on total plant) increase in importance on weight and DNA concentration level, while the endosperm drops in relative importance. Expected % GM maize values are calculated for a whole field harvest of grain maize.


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Taverniers, I., De Meyer, L., Van Droogenbroeck, B., Messens, K., & De Loose, M. (2015). Influence of plant developmental stage on DNA yield and extractability in MON810 maize. Agricultural and Food Science, 24(2), 128–138.
Received 2014-03-13
Accepted 2015-04-09
Published 2015-06-27