Siipikarjanlihan tarjonnasta ja kysynnästä Suomessa vv. 1966—68


  • Esa Ikäheimo Maatalouden taloudellinen tutkimuslaitos, Helsinki
  • Juhani Rouhiainen Maatalouden taloudellinen tutkimuslaitos, Helsinki


Poultry is a relatively new item in the Finnish diet. In 1970 per capita consumption averaged only 0.8 kg. Since 1959 (0.2 kg) a considerable increase has occurred. Nevertheless the per capita figure in Finland is one of the lowest in Europe (Table 1.). The purpose of this study was to analyze the supply and demand for poultry and its subitems. Functions derived from time series are based on quarterly data from 1966–68. A strong and significant coefficient for time in the broiler supply function suggests that some technical progress has been made in this industry. As regards demand functions, no substitutes were found for chicken, broiler and poultry as a whole. The own-price elasticities were generally not statistically significant. Based on both time series and cross-section analyses, the income elasticities gave the following results; poultry as a whole 2.00–3.00, chicken 1.50–2.00, and broiler 4.00–5.00.


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Ikäheimo, E., & Rouhiainen, J. (1973). Siipikarjanlihan tarjonnasta ja kysynnästä Suomessa vv. 1966—68. Agricultural and Food Science, 45(3), 272–283.