Kansalliskirjasto digitoi – tutkijoille ja kansalaisille


  • Johanna Lilja
  • Tuula Pääkkönen Kansalliskirjasto


kansalliskirjastot, kulttuuriperintö, digitointi, sähköiset palvelut, tekijänoikeus, kestävä kehitys


The paper discusses digitising the collections of the National Library of Finland (NLF). The digitisation programme of the NLF defines the material to be digitised in the period of 2021-2024.  The authors emphasise that digitising includes much more work than mere scanning. The process of digitising begins in the selection of material, and it includes several phases, such as revision of bibliographic records (metadata); preparation of volumes for scanning, in some cases even conservation; scanning; quality control of scanned pictures and OCR text; and long-time preservation. Digitised material is available on the digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi service and the metadata is to be found also on the finna.fi and kansalliskirjasto.finna.fi services. Making materials digital does not guarantee their availability. The out-of-copyright material is open to all users but in-copyright material requires a license from a copyright management organization. The expenses of licensing restrict the open material to the oldest part of collections. The main challenges in the near future are: guaranteeing funding for digitising, licensing and adopting new technologies; understanding the changing needs of users, particularly in the research, and diminishing the carbon footprint of the digital cultural heritage.

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